eDelivery/eDocuments & Alerts

Electronic delivery (eDelivery) from NEFCU can save you time, cut down on paper waste, help you keep better track of your account activity, and reduce your risk of identity theft — all at the same time!

When you register for eDelivery, your alerts for eStatements & eNotices will automatically be enabled. You’ll receive notifications via email and/or text instead of paper copies when your statements and other account-related documents become available online.

As a registered user, you can also create customized Account Alerts and be notified about account status changes and activities that are important to you.

Register for eDelivery or change your options at any time by logging in to NEFCUOnline and selecting eDocuments & Alerts. It’s easy to get text alerts as well — just click on the tab for Alert Addresses and then click “Add New” under the Mobile Device section. You can enter one or more email addresses or mobile devices.

Note: Alerts are free, though if you receive text alerts on a mobile device there may be a charge from your wireless carrier.

eStatements & eNotices

eStatements are a fast, convenient, secure and “green” alternative to receiving a paper copy of your statements. This also includes statements for any Visa card associated with your account. Similarly, eNotices are electronic versions of account notices you have traditionally received in the mail, including overdraft notices, loan payment reminders, and more. Whenever a new document becomes available, a notification will be sent to you via email and/or text. At your convenience, you can then login to NEFCUOnline and click on eDocuments & Alerts to view, download, or print the document(s).

If you’re already registered for NEFCUOnline and you’d like to receive eStatements & eNotices, please follow these steps:  

  • Login to NEFCUOnline
  • Select eDocuments & Alerts
    • If you have not registered for electronic delivery, click on the Register for eDelivery button. Once you accept the eDelivery Consent Agreement, your alerts for eStatements & eNotices will automatically be enabled.
    • If you are an existing user and you'd like to add eNotices, click on the eNotices tab from the Alerts main screen. Once you accept a new eDelivery Consent Agreement, your alert for eNotices will be enabled.
Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view eStatements & eNotices.

Account Alerts

With Account Alerts, you can stay informed about activity in your accounts, which can help you avoid late fees and overdrafts. You can know immediately when you receive an electronic deposit, when a check clears, if your balance approaches a pre-determined level, if a loan payment is due, and more! Choose to be notified about any of the following:
  • Deposit Account Balance
  • Loan Account Balance
  • Checks Cleared
  • Electronic Deposits
  • Loan Payment Due
  • Certificate Maturing
  • Debit Card Transactions
If you’re already registered for eDelivery and you’d like to set up an Account Alert, please follow these steps:  
  • Login to NEFCUOnline
  • Select eDocuments & Alerts
  • Click on the Create New Account Alert button
  • Then choose the Alert Type and follow the online instructions to customize your notification preferences