Participation Rewards

Based on your participation level — determined by the balance deposit and loan accounts you have with us — you will receive special benefits, including lower fees and free services. Participation Rewards levels are updated monthly.

Participation Rewards Benefits


* Loan Balances include Mortgage Balances and VISA Balances.


Other Fees

Top Rewards Member
> $25 K
Bank@Work™ or
Value Member

> or = $5 K
eMember™ Basic
up to $5 K

Checking Accounts (Share Draft)

Monthly Fee

See Pricing Schedule

Per Check Fee

Overdraft Protection
(Share Overdraft Fee)

See Pricing Schedule See Pricing Schedule See Pricing Schedule


Dividends paid on accounts with balances greater than $500

Check Printing

(logo checks only)
(with check style)
(with check style)
(with check style)

CheckMate™ Debit/ATM Card

My Picture Card (personalized photo debit card)

Automated & Electronic Services

Non-NEFCU ATM Network Fee (withdrawals, inquiries, transfers)
There may be surcharges at other financial institutions for ATM transactions.

See Pricing Schedule See Pricing Schedule

NEFCU ATM Transaction

POS & Debit Transaction



See Pricing Schedule

Accountline (automated phone service)

Other Benefits

ATM/Debit Card Replacement 


Access to Discount Auto & Home Insurance

VISA Credit Card Annual Fee

TeleBranch Transaction/Acct. Inq. (person-to-person)

See Pricing Schedule

Teller Transaction/Account Inquiry

See Pricing Schedule

Official (Bank) Checks

See Pricing Schedule See Pricing Schedule See Pricing Schedule

Wire Transfers - U.S.

See Pricing Schedule See Pricing Schedule See Pricing Schedule

Incoming Wire

See Pricing Schedule.


Bank@Work Members get:

Employees of a business that has either a NEFCU branch or ATM at the worksite and who have a Bank@Work identifying direct deposit are eligible for this reward level. This includes employees of businesses located at Champlain Valley Technology and Innovation Park, such as General Dynamics.


NEFCU members also have access to group rate discount programs for Auto & Home.

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Financial Counseling:

NEFCU advocates are committed to helping members through life's financial challenges.

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Our Participation Rewards program includes special rewards for eMembersTM.

There is no minimum balance required for eMembership. For convenience and rewards, eMembership makes sense!

eMembers get:

    • no-monthly-fee checking
    • free foreign ATM transactions (excluding surcharges)
    • free NEFCUOnline with free BillPayTM
    • free CheckMateTM Debit Card
    • free NEFCU ATM transactions
    • just $1 Overdraft Protection transfer fee

eMembers must be registered for electronic delivery (eDelivery) and get eStatements & eNotices. eMembers do most of their banking using ATMs, NEFCUOnline, AccountlineTM and CheckMateTM Debit Cards. An eMember would pay a fee for staff help with a transaction that could have been done through the options described above. Sign up for eMembership today.