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Autos, RVs, Motorcycles, Boats, Snowmobiles, ATVs

  • Effective:  11-28-2014
Models1 Term (yrs)2 Annual Percentage Rate3 Monthly Payment per $1000 Alert Me
Fixed Any Model Year 1 year 0.99%4 $83.78
Any Model Year 2 years 1.95%4 $42.52
Any Model Year 3 years 2.24%4 $28.75
2010 - New 4 years 2.49% $21.92
2011 - New 5 years 2.99% $17.97
2011 - New 5.5 years 3.24% $16.57
2012 - New 6 years 3.49% $15.42
2012 - New 6.5 years 3.74% $14.47
New Only 7 years5 3.99% $13.67
These are our posted rates; your rate could vary according to your credit.
  • 1"New" is current model year or one model year old with less than 2500 miles
  • 2Terms could be limited, depending upon your credit.
  • 3Rate not available for loans already with NEFCU.
  • 4Add 1% to stated rates on untitled collateral with a maximum term of 36 months
  • 57 year (84 mos.) New titled collateral (including business purpose titled transportation vehicles and equipment), $25,000 minimum loan amount, <$50,000 for business collateral.

Loan Details

New Auto Loans

  • the vehicle has never been titled other than with dealer
  • 100% of purchase price less rebates and incentives will be financed including tax, title,
  • registration and warranty (less any rebates)
  • maximum term of seven (7) years
  • minimum loan amount with seven years is $25,000
  • collision and comprehensive insurance required
  • Credit Life and Disability Insurance available
  • GAP protection available

Used Auto Loans

  • finance up to 100% of the retail value as quoted in the NADA guide
  • minimum loan amount is $2,500
  • 2012 - 2013: maximum term of six (6) years
  • 2011 - 2013: maximum term of five (5) years
  • 2010 - 2013: maximum term of four (4) years
  • Any Model Year-2013: maximum term of two (2) or three (3) years
  • add 1% to stated rates on untitled collateral with a maximum term of three (3) years
  • collision and comprehensive insurance required
  • Credit Life and Disability Insurance available
  • GAP protection available

Auto Check

Direct Loan Check Delivery

Speed up the loan process with Auto Check! Auto Check gives you a valid loan check for a pre-approved vehicle loan in Vermont.

What is Auto Check?

Auto Check is a valid check good for an amount up to your pre-approved loan amount. You can use the check to purchase a new or used vehicle. With financing in hand, you'll have more negotiating power.

How will Auto Check help me?

  • your check is in your hand when you shop, improving your negotiating power (see Car Buying Tips)
  • checks are mailed or delivered directly to you (or stop by and pick up your check)
  • you get the best rate at the time you make your purchase:
    • if the rates are up the day you buy your car, you'll still get the rate you locked in
    • if the rates are down the day you use your check, we'll give you that lower rate

Call 866-80-LOANS or stop by any branch. The check can be used at car dealerships in Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York within 90 days. For security purposes, you and the dealer must endorse the check. After the check clears, you will receive loan documents to sign and return to us. Auto Check cannot be used for a private sale, for a rebuilt vehicle or to refinance a loan from another institution. In these cases, please call 866-80-LOANS for another solution.