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Table data for Auto
Models1 Term (yrs)2 Annual Percentage Rate Alert Me
Fixed Any Model Year 1-4 years 3.09%3
2014 - New 5 years 3.49%
2014 - New 6 years 3.89%
2017 - New 7 years4 4.69%
These are our posted rates; your rate could vary according to your credit.
  • 1"New" is current model year or one model year old with less than 2500 miles
  • 2Terms could be limited, depending upon your credit. Longer terms may be available please call for details.
  • 3Add 1% if 2013 or older, 100,000 miles, rebuilt/salvaged titles or untitled collateral.
  • 47 year (84 mos.) New titled collateral (including business purpose titled transportation vehicles and equipment), $25,000 minimum loan amount, <$50,000 for business collateral.