Debit Card

A CheckMate Debit Card Can Simplify Your Life!

This one card works like a check and an ATM card combined. You can use your CheckMate debit card with merchants that accept Visa debit cards to make purchases and to obtain cash back (where permitted).

Visa CheckMate Debit Cards are accepted in 150 countries at more than 24 million locations including more than 900,000 ATMs! 

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Personalize your debit card with your own photo!

Lost or Stolen Checkmate Debit Card? Call 800-400-8790.

What You Can Do
  • Do not share your PIN or store it with your Debit card.
  • Use NEFCUOnline to monitor activity on your accounts.
  • Sign up for free Account Alerts -- based on your personal instructions you'll receive an email when there are changes in your account. (Once you've logged into NEFCUOnline, click Additional Services and then Notification Options.)
What NEFCU Does
  • We continually check for Debit cards that may have been compromised. If unusual activity is detected we will contact you.