FinanceWorks is being replaced by Money Management

Coming soon, our NEFCUOnline personal management software “FinanceWorks" will be replaced by a more powerful solution called “Money Management” by MX. Members have asked for more robust features for personal financial management, especially a mobile solution and improved automatic categorization for expense tracking. Our goal is to provide members with tools that improve your ability to manage your finances and we believe that Money Management provides members with the best tools available.

Money Management includes budgeting tools, expense tracking, debt management, net-worth tracking and external account aggregation. Not only will you be able to see all your financial accounts, balances, and transactions in one place, you will be able to visualize and interact with that data in new and meaningful ways – all conveniently and securely within online banking and the NEFCU Mobile App.

What to expect and actions required

  • ACCOUNTS – The external (non-NEFCU) accounts you previously added to FinanceWorks will still be available in Money Management, however you will need to validate your external account ownership again with a one-time log in to reconnect.

    If you’ve added a NEFCU Visa Card to FinanceWorks, you may see two accounts after the migration. To merge them into a single account, you’ll need to mark one as a duplicate. Simply select one of the accounts, click on the three dots in the account summary window, and then select the “Mark as Duplicate” option.

  • TRANSACTIONS – We will bring over and categorize eighteen (18) months of transaction history in the transition.

  • CATEGORIZATION – If you’ve manually categorized specific transactions in FinanceWorks (ex. for tax purposes), you will need to download or copy these before the end of January. Any custom expense tracking categories you have created will not be converted.

  • BUDGETS – You will need to establish new budgets. These can be auto-created using transactions from the last 90 days.

  • ALERTS – All alerts will need to be set up again. In addition to email, a text option is now available.

We understand that transitioning from FinanceWorks to Money Management requires some effort on the part of our members. We appreciate your time and apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, contact a Member Service Representative using our Live Chat option in online or mobile banking, or call us at 800.400.8790. Log in to NEFCUOnline to get started!

How Money Management will work for you

Forget about logging in to multiple accounts to view your finances and spending. Now you can see all your accounts, balances, and transactions in one secure location. Best of all, Money Management is even accessible from the NEFCU Mobile App!


Your NEFCU accounts will automatically be imported into the program, but you can also add retirement accounts, investments and any accounts you have outside of NEFCU that you access online.

computer screen

Since not all budgets are created equal, using circles or “bubbles” to represent budgets allows you to quickly identify the ones that need the most attention based on color and size. Get started with an auto-generated budget based on your past spending habits.

mobile phone_budget circles

Quickly identify your biggest expenses and categorize your spending. See your spending trends compared to income to determine where and when you may need to cut back.  

computer with trends on spending

See all your loans and debt in one place and learn techniques on how you can pay them off in less time and pay less in interest. 

debt chart

Set savings, debt payoff, or retirement goals and easily track how much you've saved for each goal. 

goal chart with circles

Track and monitor the net sum of all your assets and liabilities. Drill down to see what makes up your gains and losses.

Net worth chart