Financial Counseling

Are you experiencing financial challenges? Perhaps a budget review is in order.  Our Certified Financial Counselor is here to help.

Across the country today, millions of hard-working people find themselves struggling to meet their financial commitments. If you find yourself in this situation, we can help you devise a plan to make sure that you can continue to meet your most important obligations while protecting your credit.

Major lifestyle changes, such as retirement, illness, or an unexpected job loss can create gaps in any budget. Making a commitment to manage bills can be tough.  Check out our budgeting tool to help you create a plan to manage your spending. Need help? Contact us.

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Managing Your Savings
A successful budget only works when you use it.  Learn how to set money aside for earmarked expenses to keep you on track.  In NEFCUOnline, Scheduled Transfers make it easy.  Name your accounts, set your schedule, and staying on budget is automatic!  Need help? Contact us.

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Loan Repayment Challenges
If you anticipate any difficulties making your monthly payment on NEFCU loan obligations, please let us know. Need help? Contact us.

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