Prepare your Student for College

NEFCU makes it easy to access funds when needed

As you help your high school graduate pack for the journey to college, you can’t help but want to make sure they have everything they need; bedding, household items, school supplies… but what about finances? Let NEFCU help your student take the first step out of the nest by setting them up with all the financial basics they might need while away at school.

Our account options are easy to work with, plus we offer additional digital tools to help along the way. By keeping their accounts with NEFCU, you can quickly and easily get money to your student without the delay and expense of wire transfers out-of-state. Here are some ideas of what your student will need before they leave for college:

Checking Account – NEFCU’s SimplySmarter Checking™ account is the perfect start to your student’s financial independence. With no monthly fee for students under 25, this account is the easiest way to get them on their feet!

Debit Card – Our CheckMate™ Debit card is accepted by merchants everywhere, so your student doesn’t need to carry cash. Should the need for cash arise, this card has access to more than 30,000 ATMs nationwide. It also carries a VISA® logo and is accepted by online vendors!

Online Banking – NEFCUOnline is like an electronic branch, enabling all the transactions your student will need, safely and securely. Be sure to set them up before they go so they can learn how to access their account.

Mobile App – Young people gravitate towards using apps on their smart phone or tablet rather than a computer. The NEFCU Mobile app fits the mold Prepare your Student for College NEFCU makes it easy to access funds when needed perfectly. Your student can track their spending through account history, transfer money between accounts, and deposit paper checks with Mobile Deposit, all via their mobile device. Once they’ve registered for online banking, they can download our app from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon App store.

Credit Card – For additional spending options, including unexpected emergencies, a NEFCU VISA® Explorer card is a great choice for a student just starting out.

Loans – For most college students, loans are part of the college equation. Explore the options with the trusted representatives at NEFCU to get access to funds for tuition and other college expenses.

Get your student ready! Open an account online, call us at 800.400.8790, or stop by any branch.