Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance

Down payment and closing costs can be one of the toughest obstacles for first time homebuyers.

The VHFA ASSIST program helps first time homebuyers clear that difficult hurdle. ASSIST is available when combined with a VHFA first mortgage loan program. VHFA first mortgage programs provide access to a low 30-year fixed rate, reduced closing costs, and long-term payment and tax savings.

  • Up to $5,000 in assistance
  • Can be used for down payment or closing costs
  • 0% second mortgage with no monthly payment

Please call for details at 802.879.8790 Option 1 x2052 or email us at mortgages@nefcu.com.

Repayment, only if the mortgage is refinanced, paid off, or property is sold.

There are some restrictions on eligibility and how assistance funds can be applied, ask a Participating Lender for details.