Personal Financial Management

Taking control of your finances has never been easier!

NEFCUOnline is compatible with a variety of tools to help you manage your finances including Quicken® Web Connect, Quicken® Direct Connect, and Money Management by MX.

Some of the benefits of using a PFM include the ability to:

  • See exactly where your money is going by categorizing expenses
  • Create, and stay, on a budget
  • Set goals to get out of debt and stay out of debt
  • Plan for retirement
  • Ensure bills are paid on time
  • Avoid being overdrawn
  • Stay on top of your day-to-day finances
  • Easily uncover any unusual account activity

Money Management, created by MX, is a powerful digital money management solution that has been seamlessly integrated with NEFCUOnline. Money Management makes it easy to track your budgets, set goals, monitor transactions and categorize your spending. Forget about logging in to multiple accounts to view your finances. Now you can see all your accounts, balances, and transactions in one secure location. Best of all, Money Management is even accessible from the NEFCU Mobile App.


Your NEFCU accounts will automatically be imported into the program, but you can also add retirement accounts, investments and any accounts you have outside of NEFCU that you access online.


You’ll get a 360-degree view of all transactions from your internal and external accounts. Filter the view by account or date, as well as search for any keyword or amount. You can even add manual transactions and export your data to a .csv file.


Visualize where your money is going, by category, so you can better understand your spending habits and stay on track. Click on a category to view spending by subcategory, and drill down to the transaction level if desired. Any category that is less than 3% of your overall spending will be represented in the “Other” category. Similarly, the same options are available for viewing your income sources.


Since not all budgets are created equal, using circles or “bubbles” to represent budgets allows you to quickly identify the ones that need the most attention based on color and size. Get started with an auto-generated budget based on your past spending habits.


The Trends tool is helpful for viewing spending trends over time. It displays up to 12 months of spending by category and compares it to your income (represented by the green line). This comparison can quickly help you determine where and when you may need to cut back.

Debt Management

See all your loans and debt in one place and learn techniques on how you can pay them off in less time and pay less in interest. 


Set savings, debt payoff, or retirement goals and easily track how much you've saved for each goal. 

Net Worth

Track and monitor the net sum of all your assets and liabilities. Drill down to see what makes up your gains and losses.

Cash Flow

In addition to helping you understand your historical spending, Cash Flow can also predict your future spending. It allows you to easily identify and add recurring bills and payments. Cash Flow lets you add one-time or annual payments for items that may be considerable and require future planning, such as property tax.

With Money Management, it’s easier than ever to take control of your finances, learn valuable insights, and make informed financial decisions. Log in today to get started!

If you have a question or have run into an issue using a personal financial manager, please use this section for answers and solutions. If you don’t find your answer here, please contact us directly with questions about Money Management. Otherwise please contact the maker of your PFM software for additional information and support. You will find links to major PFM providers under Resources.

Money Management

If you need additional information and support, please refer to the following websites: 


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