Visa Online Access

Visa Online Access provides you with 24/7 secure access to your Visa credit card account through NEFCUOnline. With Visa Online Access, you can manage all types of activity related to your NEFCU Visa credit cards. See your current balance, recent usage and payment activity, check your due date and amount owed, and view authorizations. You can also pay your Visa bill online and set Visa Transaction Alerts.

Visa Transaction Alerts
Credit card fraud is an unfortunate reality in today's world. One of the best ways to avoid problems is to keep a close eye on your account with automatic Visa transaction alerts. In just a few minutes, you can sign up to receive automatic messages by email or text to inform you whenever a transaction has posted to your account, if a foreign transaction has occurred, or you can choose a variety of other alert options. Simply log into NEFCUOnline and go to Visa Online Access and click on "Transaction Alerts" under the Account Services tab.

To access your NEFCU Visa credit card, just log in to NEFCUOnline and click on the link under My Accounts. Alternatively, you can also follow these steps: 

  • Login to NEFCUOnline
  • Select Additional Services
  • Click on Visa Online Access from the dropdown menu
  • From our Trusted Partners page, go to Visa Online Access, select your account and then click Enter

If you have a question or have run into an issue with Visa Online Access, please use this section for answers and solutions. If you don’t find your answer here, please contact us.

Visa Online Access Information

  • Can I download my transactions in Visa Online Access?

    You can download your transactions from the Current Activity page or the Statements page. Using the "Select Format…" drop down box, choose Quicken, CSV, Excel, or OFX and then click "Download."

  • Can I use Visa Online Access through NEFCU's Mobile Banking option?

     Visa Online Access is available on the NEFCU Mobile App.

  • What are Visa Transaction Alerts and how do I sign up for them?
    Visa Transaction Alerts are automated messages sent by email or text that inform you whenever a transaction posts to your account, if a foreign transaction has occurred, or you can choose a variety of other alert options. To sign up, go to Visa Online Access in NEFCUOnline and click on the link for “Transaction Alerts” (under the Account Services tab).
  • What is Visa Online Access?
    Visa Online Access provides you with 24/7 secure access to your Visa credit card account information through NEFCUOnline. Visa Online Access allows you to view, download, or print your current activity and statement history. You can also view pending authorizations and make payments.
  • Is Visa Online Access safe?
    Visa Online Access is designed to keep your account information secure. Your session will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity and your account number is never displayed on the screen.
  • Is there a fee to use Visa Online Access?

     Visa Online Access is provided free of charge by New England Federal Credit Union.

General Visa Card Information

  • What is a minimum monthly payment?
    This amount is the monthly minimum you must pay to keep your account in good standing. This minimum amount is clearly stated on each statement and is equal to an amount decided upon by NEFCU. Generally, the minimum amount calculation is made available in your Card Agreement, Welcome Letter, or it can be obtained by contacting us at 800-400-8790.
  • How can I get my credit limit increased?
    If you would like to increase your credit limit, please call 866-80-LOANS (1-866-805-6267) to request an increase.
  • What is a line of credit?
    A line of credit, or credit limit, is the amount available for use on your credit card. This amount is listed on the card carrier, the letter to which your card was affixed, in the upper right corner. You may also view your credit limit and available credit, the balance remaining for purchases and cash advances, on the Account Overview page in Visa Online Access.
  • Can I add an additional user to my credit card account?
    Most times NEFCU can add an authorized user or joint cardholder. To request the necessary forms, please contact us at 800-400-8790.
  • What is APR and how do I find my APR information?
    APR is the annual percentage rate; this is the amount of interest that is billed to your account for the convenience of carrying a balance. Please review your Card Agreement and Welcome Letter for complete APR details.

Activation and Use


  • Why do I still see the authorization, but the transaction has posted?
    An authorization may not clear for a variety of reasons including the transaction varies materially (+/- 20%) from the authorization amount, the merchant authorizes a second time, the merchant does not use the same authorization code provided, a different merchant ID was used when the transaction was submitted for payment, etc.
  • What is the difference between Pending Charges and Pending Authorizations?
    On the Account Overview page in Visa Online Access, Pending Charges reflects the sum of all the authorizations not yet matched to a transaction and posted to your account. The Pending Authorizations page shows all the authorizations that merchants have submitted for approval. A transaction may have already posted but did not clear the authorization for various reasons such as different amount, different authorization code, or different merchant ID. Denied transactions may also show here, but will not post to your account.
  • What are Pending Charges?
    On the Account Overview page in Visa Online Access, Pending Charges reflects are the sum of all authorized transactions that have been submitted by merchants but have not yet posted to your account. These funds are held in reserve until the transaction either posts to your account or the authorization expires after approximately 7 days.

Making a Payment


Troubleshooting Visa Online Access

  • I am having trouble getting to Visa Online Access
    Depending on your security settings, some of our online services may require you to add a few URLs to your web browser's trusted site list. For optimum performance, please make sure that your browser includes the following:
    • https://*
    • https://* (Required for Visa Online Access)

    (Note: The * acts as a wildcard, thereby trusting any site with or in the web address.)

  • How do I add a trusted site to my browser?
    Changes to your browser security should only be made to the “Trusted sites” zone, not the “Internet” or “Local intranet” zones. Depending on the type of web browser and version you are using, the steps for adding a trusted site will vary. If you need support, please refer to your browser’s documentation for help with the configuration of your security settings. You can also refer to the Online Help Index for more information about browser security.