Annual Escrow Analysis

Important Information Regarding Annual Escrow Analysis 2020

If you escrow property taxes with your NEFCU Mortgage and your loan was in place prior to September 2, 2020, you will receive an annual Escrow Account Disclosure by mail in late November or early December notifying you of any change to your monthly escrow payment effective January 1, 2021. Please review this Disclosure carefully and compare it to the most recent property tax bill you received from your town or city, as several have recently made changes to installment due dates, added installments or combined installments due to COVID19. If you find discrepancies or have any questions or concerns, please contact Mortgage Loan Servicing. For general escrow questions you may find our Escrow FAQs helpful.

Revised Tax Bills: NEFCU receives an electronic report which provides tax amounts due prior to each installment date. We do not, however, generally receive information related to REVISED tax bills. With the exception of South Burlington*, if you receive a REVISED tax bill, please forward a copy to Mortgage Loan Servicing so that we may make the appropriate adjustments to your escrow account. 

*This year, all City of South Burlington property owners received an Interim Bill followed by a Revised Bill. NEFCU did receive an electronic report reflecting the city-wide Revised Bills for South Burlington (only), so these do not need to be forwarded to Mortgage Loan Servicing unless additional/subsequent revisions have been made.  

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