Machinery/Equipment/ Vehicle

NEFCU Supports Building Businesses in Vermont

Take advantage of our competitive commercial loan rates and flexible collateral options to afford the vehicles, machinery, and equipment that your business needs.

  • Up to 90% financing available for qualified new and used business transportation vehicles
  • Up to 80% financing possible for new and used machinery/equipment
  • Refinancing of high-interest rate loans or leases
  • 7-year maximum loan term and amortization

Contact our NEFCU Vermont Business Lending Team

For your commercial loan needs, why go anywhere else? Contact us at 866.80.LOANS.

  • Questions about writing a business plan? Go to the United States Small Business Administration's site at and type in the words “business plan” in the website's SEARCH tool and hit “ENTER”.
  • Interested in the latest economic news and data such as the present Consumer Price Index (CPI), wages by area and occupation, or the unemployment rate? Visit the U. S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics site at
  • As a Vermont business owner or someone thinking about establishing a business in Vermont, you may want to access the Vermont Department Of Economic Development's web site at