COVID-19 Resources

Financial Resources

Skip-A-Pay (deferred payments) - Call 800.400.8790 for details.

Mortgage Support - To discuss your options, please call our Contact Center at 800.400.8790.

Income Interruption Loan - We are offering our members a small loan to help make ends meet while laid off or temporarily unemployed. Apply here or call 800.400.8790.

LoanPay Xpress is a convenient way to make New England Federal Credit Union consumer loan payments from your external non-NEFCU account.

Using this service is easy. You will need your NEFCU loan number and the account and routing number of the non-NEFCU account you will use to make an ACH payment. Or you can use a non-NEFCU debit card, or in certain cases, your credit card.* 

You can make one-time payments or establish monthly recurring payments from your external accounts. To get started, please click here.

* When using a credit or debit card there will be a convenience fee added to your transaction when using this service. The amount will be clearly displayed before you complete the transaction. Please note there are other methods of making payments, including sending us a check, using NEFCUOnline, or making payments in our branches, where you may be able to avoid these fees.

Digital Banking

Remote services are continuously available to you. Our online banking portal offers you the ability to make transfers, pay bills remotely, deposit paper checks, add accounts, and more. Should you have questions about your accounts, the Contact Center is available by phone during our normal business hours and can be reached at 800.400.8790. Contact Center staff is also available by online chat feature, which can be found at the bottom of the website page.

                             Download the NEFCU Mobile App today on your own device.                        

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  • Mobile Check Deposit - deposit checks digitally
  • Transfer Money - Transfer money between credit union accounts or external accounts
  • Paying Bills - Use BillPay to pay your bills - to start using BillPay login to NEFCUOnline and select the "BillPay" link in the main navigation. Click on the button to enroll and then follow the online instructions to complete the registration form.
  • Live Chat - We're available during business hours to assist you
  • Apply for Loans - For auto loans and credit cards, click here. To apply for a mortgage, click here

Beware of the following Stimulus Payment Scams

The IRS will not never call you and ask for your account information. If you receive a call, do not engage with the caller, disconnect the call immediately.

Phishing and Malware Scams – Do not reply or click on any link. Delete the text or email.

Phone Scams – Scammers claiming to be agents of the IRS wanting to “verify” your information. They may be adamant about obtaining the information. Immediately disconnect the call.

Counterfeit Check Scams – Scammers may send fake stimulus checks. Look for odd amount (a legitimate check will not have cents included); or they ask you to visit a website or call a number to confirm.

Social Distancing

We continue to follow the CDC guidelines and recommendations on how we can help prevent the spread of the virus. Our steps include:

  • Our branches and their ATMs are thoroughly cleaned daily
  • Sanitizing gel and foam stations are available in branches
  • Our employees have been given specific instructions on hand washing and the importance of staying home if they feel ill
  • We have cancelled all business travel for the remainder of the year and will reassess for coming months
  • Any staff member who has traveled to deemed “hot spots” will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days

The CDC recommends putting distance between yourself and others to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19.

We are encouraging staff to maintain a safe distance from each other and members. We appreciate your effort to maintain space, especially while at the teller line.

Protect Yourself from Scams, Frauds, and Hoaxes related to the COVID-19

Criminals can take advantage of the fear and uncertainty around COVID-19. They can attempt to take money and steal information. 

Scams may be directly related to the COVID-19 virus, but also related scarcity caused by a pandemic, such as a high demand for hand cleaners, masks, disinfectants, and paper products.

Do not respond directly or click on links in messages you receive via text, phone call or email; especially from an unknown or untrusted source and particularly those involving:

VT Department of Labor Impersonators - Vermonters have reported receiving an email or text message claiming to be from the Vermont Department of Labor, promising to pay “COVID-19 Benefits and Compensation” to eligible workers. A large sum of money is promised to be paid pending ID Verification. 

This is a phishing scam that attempts to steal your personal information and your money.

If you receive one of these notices, do not click on any links or attachmentsDo not respond and do not send money.  Move this and all scam emails to your junk folder. Block text messages from this number.  
If you have responded to this scam or if you need help determining if you have been a victim of a scam, call NEFCU at 800.400.8790 or the VT Attorney General's office at 800.649.2424. Learn more about this scam and report it to the Vermont Department of Labor:

CDC Impersonators
 - These can come as fake phone calls, emails, social media posts, or web sites.

Phishing Attacks - The most common are regarding:

  • Economic stimulus checks
  • Charitable contributions to dubious organizations
  • Fake cures, treatments, and testing kits
  • Refunds or cancelations from airlines and shipping companies

Counterfeit Equipment - This includes bogus personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, gloves) and diluted or ineffective sanitizers and cleaning products.

Relief Lending – Beware of imposters promising Small Business Administration (SBA) or Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Verify the source, and contact NEFCU Business Lending if you have any questions.

If you believe you have given your personal NEFCU banking information to an imposter, please call our Contact Center at 800.400.8790 immediately for assistance.