SCORE Series - Networking Wrap-up

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 5:30-7:00 pm

New England Federal Credit Union
141 Harvest Lane
Williston, VT

SCORE Small Business Mentors
Seats Available

Want to meet some of presenters or even some of the other attendees to the SCORE Small Business series this season? Many have asked for this, so here it is, an end of series gathering where presenters from this year as well as all attendees are invited to come. Use what you have learned from this year’s series:  bring your business cards, marketing materials and best elevator pitch to have discussions with others in attendance. Plan to mingle with others to make connections, learn about what other small businesses are doing (their challenges and successes), get feedback on new thoughts/ideas/approaches, get more motivation/support for what you are doing as well as making connections which might offer counseling or coaching or mentoring.

Recommended reading in preparation for this session.

For an active list of the past presenters who plan to be in attendance, please visit the SCORE website.  SCORE is your local source for free and confidential small business mentors.