Personal, Family, and Business Insurance


  • Death before mortgage/loan repayments can be finished
  • Spouse outliving a “life-only” pension plan
  • Death before reaching personal goals (pay off the mortgage, get kids through school etc)
  • Disability Insurance if you cannot work, or return to work quickly after an accident
  • Long Term Care Insurance to maintain financial independence in your golden years

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  • Death of a primary income earner, or full time child care provider
  • Final expenses
  • Income to support the kids
  • Income to provide for educational needs
  • Ability to financially support aging parents
  • Estate planning –using insurance to transfer/preserve wealth

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  • Death of a partner or
  • Death of a key employee
  • Loss of a key employee to a competitor
  • Liquidity of the business in the event of an owner’s death
  • Special situations (e.g. stock repurchases, fund retirement benefits)

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