Credit Cards

The NEFCU Visa Explorer cards have both "smart chip" technology that encrypts personal data differently after each transaction, and "tap and go" feature, speeding your transactions while reducing the risk of credit card fraud. The Explorer card employs a chip and signature technology that allows you to travel abroad with confidence, knowing that your card will be accepted wherever you go, since a chip card is the standard with foreign merchants. With the Explorer card, you can have secure access to the world!

The NEFCU VISA® Explorer and VISA® Explorer Rewards cards carry these great benefits!

  • No annual fee
  • No fee for balance transfers
  • Reward points for balance transfers (on Explorer Rewards card only)
  • No fee for cash advances
  • Cash advances at the same rate as purchases*
  • No hidden fees
  • No rate increase if your payment is late
  • No overlimit fee
  • No-cost convenience checks
  • No fee for real-time Visa alerts
  • 24/7 online access through NEFCUOnline
  • AutoPay options
  • Zero Liability on fraud**
  • Warranty Manager Service**
  • Emergency Cash & Card Replacement – 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Rental Car Insurance**
  • Debt Protection option
  • Fraud Protection - 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Worldwide cash access: ATM & cash advances
  • No additional foreign exchange fee other than the standard 1% charged by Visa

With the Visa Explorer Rewards card you earn one bonus point for every dollar spent--that's 1% cash back on your purchases! Redeem your points for cash anytime! For every 1,000 points redeemed, get $10.** If you like a reward for using your Visa card, this option may be for you!

Did you know you can easily, quickly and securely make purchases online using your NEFCU Visa Explorer or Explorer Rewards card by registering them through Visa Checkout? Visa Checkout lets you checkout online without re-entering your payment and shipping information. It's a Digital Wallet!

* Interest on a cash advance is charged immediately
** Certain restrictions apply

All New England Federal Credit Union Visa payments should be mailed directly to our card processor at the following address:

New England Federal Credit Union
PO Box 37035
Boone, IA 50037-0035



Table data for Credit Card
Annual Percentage Rate Alert Me
Visa Explorer (Variable Rate)1 7.15%2
Visa Explorer RewardsTM Card (Variable Rate) 11.15%
  • 1The index is the Wall Street Journal Prime published on the last Wednesday of the month prior, plus your margin as determined by an evaluation of your credit.
  • 2All rates quoted are subject to change monthly, the maximum interest rate is 18%. The rate may increase after the consummation of the loan. These are our posted rates; your rate could vary according to your credit.

Visa Account Application and Opening Disclosure

Lost Your Card?

Any time of day or night, call 800.400.8790.
Call for any type of lost or stolen NEFCU card, whether Credit, ATM or Debit card.

Disputed or Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer

Whenever you see a transaction that you don't recognize on your statement, you should contact any New England Federal Credit Union branch or the New England Federal Credit Union Customer Call Center at 800.400.8790.

There are basically two types of Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT transactions that you may question on your statement: disputed and unauthorized.

Disputed Electronic Funds Transfer 

A disputed electronic funds transfer transaction means you participated in some way but the outcome was not what you expected. (More Details)

  • Example 1: You used your debit card to reserve a hotel room, but cancelled the hotel and got charged anyway.
  • Example 2: You ordered a shampoo sample, and either did not cancel the service or have not received the sample. Another charge is done, for a larger shipment.

Unauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer

An unauthorized electronic funds transfer transaction means someone else used your card without your authority and you received no benefit for that transaction. In short, it is a fraudulent transaction.  (More Details)

  • Example 1: You notice a gas station charge on your account for a state you have never been to.
  • Example 2: Purchases from overseas post to your account from places you have never ordered from.

There are several differences between disputed transactions and unauthorized transactions. The biggest difference is who initiated the transaction, either currently or in the past. If you participated in any way, the transaction is disputed, not unauthorized.

Important to remember: You must report your lost or stolen card to us immediately at 800.400.8790 — we are available 24 hours a day, every day. Likewise, you must notify us as soon as you discover an unauthorized transaction. Failure to do so could impact your rights. Refer to your Membership Agreement for full details.


Identity Theft Resources – NEFCU provides resources to help you protect yourself and your accounts from identity theft.
Visa Security Sense – This site from Visa provides tips for protecting account information, avoiding payment card scams and resolving unauthorized card use. – This site from the National Cyber Security Alliance provides consumers with basic tips about navigating the internet safely.

We can help protect you if you let us know in advance!

As a protective measure, transactions on your NEFCU ATM, Debit or Visa credit card may be blocked if they appear to be suspicious. This includes use of your card in places that are out of the ordinary for you, such as in another part of the country or overseas. To ensure that you retain access to your funds while traveling, please call 800.400.8790 or 802.879.8790 Monday- Friday 8 am to 6 pm and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm and let us know:

  1. Where you are traveling
  2. What dates you are traveling
  3. How we can reach you

We protect you while you travel by monitoring card activity around the clock, and if something is suspicious, we will try to contact you before taking steps to block your card. That's why we'd like to have a number where we can contact you while you're away. If not, we'll contact the phone number we have on file and will leave a message there. Hopefully, you'll be checking your messages, because if not, your card could be blocked, just when you're trying to use it!

It's a great idea to take multiple forms of payment with you, and keep them separated. That way, you'll have a back up method of payment for hotels, rental cars, meals or other necessities.

Bring our contact phone numbers with you:

  • Debit and ATM Cards - If you have been contacted by NEFCU's Debit and ATM Card Security Department, call us back at 800.400.8790 or 802.879.8790.
  • VISA Credit Cards - If you have been contacted by NEFCU's Credit Card Security Department, call us back at 800.400.8790 or 802.879.8790.
  • If you have other problems with your card or with funds not being available, call NEFCU at 800.400.8790 or 802.879.8790.

If you have lost your card, call us right away! We will be able to block your card and protect you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call us at 800.400.8790 or 802.879.8790.

Please note that payment systems in some countries are not considered safe, and your NEFCU cards may not work in some countries. Some of these are mandated by the Office of Foreign Asset Control of the US Government. You can see a current list of blocked countries and groups here.

Which card is right for me: Visa Explorer or Visa Explorer Rewards?

  • If you generally carry a balance, consider Visa Explorer. The interest rate on this card is lower than the Rewards card, and there is no annual fee.
  • If you use your card frequently and generally pay off the card in full, consider Visa Explorer Rewards. There is no annual fee.

Switch your credit card to NEFCU

 And save with 0%APR interest on transferred balances for the first 6 months.

*0% APR is the Annual Percentage Rate for the first six months of account opening on balance transfers. Terms of this offer can change at anytime.

Created specifically for NEFCU, VISA® has designed the NEFCU Credit Card Manager, an App that allows members to control their credit card’s status. Members can use their mobile device to turn their credit card on or off, establish transaction spending limits, block geographic regions as well as merchant categories, and establish a variety of alerts. NEFCU Credit Card Manager also can be used to pay limited merchants with an Android mobile device.

Download from the app store - search for NEFCU.

NEFCU Credit Card Manager

SecurLOCK™ Equip is provided by our debit card processor, Fidelity (FIS) and allows cardholders to establish how, where, and when their debit card is used. With the SecurLOCK Equip App from the Apple Store or Google Play, members can use their mobile device to turn their debit card on or off, establish transaction spending limits, block geographic regions as well as merchant categories, and establish a variety of alerts.

SecurLOCK is not a NEFCU-specific app. It can be used to control any card processed by FIS. Members may register multiple cards from varying financial institutions, however, each requires a unique login.

Download SecurLOCK Equip from the app store.

SecurLock logo