Mortgage Relief and Rental Housing Assistance

Mortgage Relief

The Vermont COVID Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

This program was established to provide financial assistance for up to three mortgage payments, with payment going directly to the mortgage servicer in order to prevent foreclosure.

Eligibility for mortgage assistance: homeowners must have obtained their mortgage before March 1, meet income limits, and have missed at least two mortgage payments since March. VHFA will accept applications from July 13 through August 31.

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Rental Housing Assistance

The Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA) Rental Housing Stabilization Program (RHSP)

This program is for funding landlords on behalf of tenants in need of rental arrearage assistance due to COVID-19 to avert tenant eviction. This program will provide the VSHA Payment Standard or the actual amount due for the month(s) being claimed, whichever is less, per household at a single unit who meet eligibility criteria. 

For more information, eligibility, and to apply, please click here.