Budgeting your finances each month can be taxing enough. Throw in the idea of multiple payments to keep track of – credit card bills (how many store cards do you have?), personal loans, and even medical bills. All with different due dates and payment addresses.

Let’s talk consolidation. NEFCU offers the MyConsolidator loan to simplify your monthly expenses. Lump together all those balances you carry on store credit cards, any personal loans you needed for car repairs or a new appliance when something broke, and those never-ending medical bills, and we’ll put it into one easy payment for you.

Applying is easy. Collect the most recent statements for each loan you want to pay off, get us the updated balance that’s due, and we’ll send the payoffs for you! All you have to do is choose which day of the month you want your payment to be due. No more keeping track of which bill is due on which day – just one easy, monthly payment.

And the rate! The MyConsolidator loan rate starts at 5.99% APR* – we’re sure that’s lower than any credit card bill you have.

Simplify today. Apply online at nefcu.com or call us at 866.80.LOANS.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Funds are paid to the Service Provider. Uses of funds are limited, please call for details. Your rate could vary according to your credit and subject to change. Rate quoted is effective December 1, 2021.