Research shows that people still gravitate toward using common words and keyboard patterns as passwords. Security teams regularly analyze security breaches to determine what people are using – and how easy it was for the bad guys to guess or crack those poor passwords.

The following is a link to the most commonly used passwords in 2022.  At the top of the list is still “password”… Never use the word password as part of your password!  Other common favorites are keyboard patterns like “qwerty” and “asdfghjkl” as well as words like “princess”, “iloveyou”, “starwars” and “basketball”. 

Top 200 Most Common Password List 2022 | NordPass

We hope you are not using a password that is on the list!  Use the following tips to keep your password safe:

  • Be creative and make unique passwords.
  • Consider using a “passphrase” by combining random words not normally linked, such as “can-thumb-bowl” or “”.