A member number is used to identify a member and their basic information. Each individual receives their own number that reflects personal information such as address, phone number, email, and date of birth. This number should be used during an interaction at the Credit Union, whether it is in person or over the phone, so staff can securely identify you.

An account number is used to identify a specific account, such as a savings, checking, CD, or loan account. A member may have multiple accounts or a mix of deposits and loans, and these numbers help differentiate between them. Account numbers should be used for all external transactions, including payroll deposits, electronic transfers, BillPay and similar services, and third-party check printers.

An important thing to remember during tax season is that while filing your income taxes, any refund that is to be submitted electronically to your credit union account needs to have the full 11-digit account number. If you give your member number to the IRS, the electronic credit doesn’t go directly to your desired account and could be at risk of being returned to the IRS. Rejected deposits result in delayed refunds. Use your full checking or savings account number, along with NEFCU’s routing number (211691127), to ensure you get your deposit in a timely manner.