The idea of buying a home, whether it’s your first home or you’re just relocating, can be overwhelming at times. Online searches offer great information, but sometimes you just want to sit and talk with someone and have a conversation about your specific goals and ideas.

Bring NEFCU to the table. Our local loan officers are available in person and over the phone to chat with you about your home ownership dreams. Your initial conversation with them might just be getting questions answered or the mortgage process explained so you can better understand the steps you’ll take during your mortgage journey.

There is no commitment required or pressure to have your credit pulled during your meeting. A loan officer can use rough estimates of your income and assets to build a potential mortgage plan and give you an idea of what fits in your budget, or what you can work on in order to achieve the loan amount you’re looking for.

Consider it a pre-qualifying conversation! Maybe you aren’t quite ready to get pre-approved and that’s okay with us. We love working with our members to financially get them where they want to be. We have lots of resources available from budgeting tips, advice for paying down debt and suggestions to improve your credit. That way, when it’s time to purchase the home you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll be ready.

Come chat with us! We know the housing market is a busy one, but we promise to guide you from start to finish. For mortgage options, visit our mortgage page.

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