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Introducing a 39-Month "Step-Up" Certificate

The Step-Up Certificate offers a fixed rate of 2.27% APY for a term of 39 months. Should dividend rates rise during the term of your Certificate, you’ll have a one-time option to “Step Up” to the higher rate (the prevailing 3-5 year certificate rate) for the remainder of the term.

To request the one-time increase, call us at 800.400.8790 or visit a branch.

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New Online Financial Education Resources!

At NEFCU, we’ve always believed that everyone should have the knowledge and skills they need to manage their money wisely. So, we’re excited to announce an upgrade to our online financial education program that will make access to learning easier and more rewarding than ever before!

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Careers at NEFCU

Are you looking for a company who offers generous benefits, competitive pay and career development within a professional work environment? If so, take a look at our job opportunities.