Investment Services & Retirement Planning

Investment Services

Personalized Financial Guidance — Right Here at NEFCU!

Your CFS advisors at NEFCU Financial Group, available through CUSO Financial Services, L.P.*, are committed to helping you reach your financial goals. We’ll help tailor an investment plan to match your lifestyle and meet your goals. NEFCU Financial Group is here for you. Let’s meet!

Retirement Planning

Are You Looking Forward to the Time When Leisure Days Replace Your Work Days?

Start your journey toward retirement today with help from NEFCU. At NEFCU Financial Group, available through CUSO Financial Services L.P., your CFS* Financial Advisor will meet with you to uncover your needs and long-term goals, and then help you build a financial plan.

Here Are the Top Reasons to Work With NFG

  1. Exclusive to NEFCU Members
  2. Independent, Non-Proprietary Products
  3. Advanced Account Management
  4. We Deliver More Than You Expect

Why Choose NEFCU Financial Group & CFS?

We are exclusively focused on the needs of NEFCU members. We do not serve outside clients.

We offer independent, non-proprietary products. Our solutions are designed entirely around your goals and needs.

We offer advanced tools, technology, and security controls to manage your accounts with ease and confidence.