Business Loans

Machinery, Equipment, and Vehicle Loans


NEFCU supports building businesses in Vermont.
Take advantage of our competitive commercial loan
rates and flexible collateral options to afford the vehicles,
machinery, and equipment that your business needs.

Alternative funding for your unique business

Loans aren’t the only way to finance the next step in your business growth. As a member of the credit union, you’re part of a cooperative that brings people together to improve the prosperity of their communities. To that end, we have developed two unique capital sources that can support the growth of your business.

Business Equity Plus Loans


Put an equity loan to work for your Vermont business.
Our Business Equity Plus loan offers individuals or
business owners the ability to tap into unused equity
related to 1–4 unit residential real estate and
commercial properties.

Real Estate Term Loans for Business


Grow your business with a Real Estate Term Loan.
Whether you’re buying a new facility or renovating
an old one, NEFCU in Vermont has the commercial
real estate financing that you can depend on.

Investment Property Mortgages


A NEFCU Investment Property loan can help you
maximize your income and gains. Fixed or adjustable
rate mortgages are available for Vermont rental
properties up to four units.

Resources for You & Your Business

  • Questions about writing a business plan?
  • Interested in the latest economic news?
  • Do you want access to the Vermont Department Of Economic Development site?

Helpful Info for Your Business

We’ve have a few tips for you!

Questions about writing a business plan? Go to the United States Small Business Administration's site at and type in the words “business plan” in the website’s SEARCH tool and hit “ENTER.”

Interested in the latest economic news and data such as the present Consumer Price Index (CPI), wages by area and occupation, or the unemployment rate? Visit the U. S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics site at

As a Vermont business owner or someone thinking about establishing a business in Vermont, you may want to access the Vermont Department Of Economic Development’s web site at

If you’d like other information or have questions, please give us a call. We’d love to talk about your business!