Business Loan Types

Machinery, Equipment, and Vehicle Loan Details

  • Up to 90% financing available for qualified new and used business transportation vehicles
  • Up to 80% financing possible for new and used machinery/equipment
  • Refinancing of high-interest rate loans or leases
  • 10-year maximum loan term and amortization
  • Expert, local support from the NEFCU Vermont Business Team at 866.80.LOANS.

Machinery, Equipment, and Vehicle Loans

NEFCU Supports Building Businesses in Vermont

Take advantage of our competitive commercial loan rates and flexible collateral options to afford the vehicles, machinery, and equipment that your business needs.

Business Equity Plus

Put an Equity Loan to Work for Your Vermont Business

Our Business Equity Plus loan product offers individuals or business owners the ability to tap into unused equity related to 1-4 unit residential real estate and commercial properties.

Use your equity to assist in the purchase of other commercial properties, fund business working capital needs, acquire equipment/machinery (100% financing possible), or finance property construction costs.

No prepayment penalty — ever!

Real Estate Term Loan Details

  • Loan amounts based on the lesser of appraised value or purchase price
  • Up to 80% in financing for owner-occupied properties
  • Up to 75% in financing for non-owner-occupied properties
  • 15-year maximum fixed interest rate loan term possible
  • 25-year maximum amortization
  • Expert, local support from the NEFCU Vermont Business Team at 866.80.LOANS.

Real Estate Term Loans

Grow Your Business with a Real Estate Loan

Whether you’re buying a new facility or renovating an old one, NEFCU in Vermont has the commercial real estate financing that you can depend on. We’ll help you find the best business real estate term loan options to meet your goals.

Questions about your commercial real estate loan needs? Contact the NEFCU Vermont Commercial Lending Team at 866.80.LOANS.

Investment Property Mortgages

A NEFCU Investment Property Loan Can Help You Maximize Your Income and Gains

Fixed or adjustable rate mortgages are available for Vermont rental properties up to four units. Eligible properties are 1-4 unit non-owner occupied residential investment real estate held by individuals or business entities such as corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

Is it time to contact our Investment Real Estate Lending Team? Our Vermont mortgage officers are experienced, local experts who will help you find the mortgage that’s right for you, with terms that fit your needs and budget. Call 866.80.LOANS to speak with us today.