In April, we celebrate Financial Literacy Month by highlighting the importance of personal finance in all our lives. It’s not only a celebration, but a challenge – to learn a skill, a strategy, or new information with a goal to improve your finances, one step at a time. 

Financial literacy is having both the knowledge and capability to manage your personal finances by setting and reaching meaningful goals. Your financial stability and success are based on how well you manage your money. Each person’s financial journey weaves itself throughout your life in different ways. Being able to manage your money well, affords a peace of mind knowing you are prepared for emergencies, personal growth, and the future. Maintaining well-balanced finances also provides for choice and freedom along the way.

Like most people, we can all benefit from learning more about money and its influence in our life. Living within our means while making strides towards a brighter future is the ultimate achievement. At NEFCU, we want to help you pursue your financial goals by providing educational opportunities about what matters most to you. Whether you like to listen to podcasts, watch videos, or play Zogo, we’ve got you covered. Check out our offerings online Financial Education - New England Federal Credit Union (